Development News: Lakeport Beach in Grafton

Development News: Lakeport Beach in Grafton

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a development nerd. I love learning about new projects coming to areas of the municipality, looking at  the pros and cons of the plan and educating myself, and my clients, on how this could positively affect their standing in the market.

One area that I’ve been keeping an eye on is the old McQuillan property in Grafton, off Lakeport Rd. Originally, the plan was for 68 estate homes, the land was sold in April of 2021 to a developer who has a different plan for the land.

Introducing Lakeport Beach, a development by LandLab.

LandLab's plan for Lakeport is an ambitious one. They hope to bring 800 new homes to the approx 200 acre site, with a mix of single family homes, townhomes and cottages, while also allocating a percentage of the site to ground floor senior units. The plan for the site will see a public beach, a series of public parks, pedestrian networks thought out and as previously mentioned, a mix of housing types. Theyalso hope to offer 10 percent of the homes at 10 percent less then the average market value at the time of launch.

The idea is grand and in theory one that is needed in Northumberland, we need more housing types coming to market yesterday, however there are some legitimate concerns and questions about the plan. First and foremost, there is a genuine lack of services at the area. I believe the previous plan would have seen well and septic on each of the  68 lots, with a subdivision of 800 homes, I’m not sure that is possible. Landlabs has a plan to add a water treatment plant to the location. Secondly, transportation will be an issue.  There will need to be a major investment in road and transportation networks to bring this level of development to the area. It can be argued that this area needed some of that regardless, but with this project, there is no doubt now.

Landlabs has a pretty grand plan and one that on paper, looks pretty impressive. I love the potential that the plan brings, the location is fantastic and  the neighbourhood, if designed correctly, can rally add to the area and more importantly, add inventory to an area that desperately needs new home inventory. I look at the impact that Mason Homes development in Port Hope and New Amhurst in Cobourg have had on their local areas, elevating and under used pocket of land to develop it into quiet, mature neighbourhoods.

I hope that both Landlabs and the Planners can come together to find a way to make a version of this plan happen, its exciting to see and as previously mentioned, new housing is desperately needed in this area given the record levels of low inventory on the market.

Click here to view LandLabs submission to the municipality.

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